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Insight specialises in demographics for veterinary practice.

"The location you choose will be the determining factor in the success of your project"

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The benefits of demographics.

Understanding the demographics of your target clients is critical to the success of your veterinary practice project. You need to understand them in order to decide the viability of the area, the type of practice services you should offer, and the pricing of these services.

To evaluate an area or neighbourhood for the best location for your practice business, you must know the demographic profile of your potential clients. This is essential to see if the area has the correct of makeup necessary to support your practice.

What information do you need?

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What are the essential demographics of the area you need to find out?

1. Household Income of the area. 
2. Disposable income of the area.
3. Purchasing power of pet owners in the area.
3. Population- Employment changes of the area.
4. Households with pets (dogs & cats) in the area.

5. Numbers of dogs and cats
6. Households with
pet insurance.
7. numbers of pet owners who visit private veterinary practice.
8. Veterinary capacity for area.

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